Help with Your Groom's Speech

September 20, 2017


Are you procrastinating writing your speech. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started. Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers. Then use the answers to make a short speech. If the answer is negative or embarrassing eliminate it.

1) What were your first impressions of your bride?
Social - Did everyone seem to know her and like her?
Intellectual - Did she make valuable comments in your first class together? 
Physical - Did you notice her beautiful eyes the first time you saw her?

2) How did she make you feel when you were around her?
" When I talked to her the first time she listened to me and remembered the conversation when I saw her next. She made me feel valued and important."

3) What was one special moment that you have shared?

4) What did your friends or family say about your relationship when you were dating?
"Wow you seem to really care for that girl. I've never seen you like this."

5) Why do you feel privileged to be marrying her?

6) What is a promise you would like to make to her? ( repeat a wedding vow if you are stuck.)

7) What is a quote or a short poem that reflects your relationship? (If that is your style)

If you think you might cry uncontrollably throughout this speech practice it with two or three people who you are emotionally connected to (like your mother.) Believe it or not that helps.

Short and meaningful is better than long and rambling. If nothing else think of something meaningful to end your speech.
Good Luck!



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