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7 Considerations before asking for a Limo Quote

1) How many people do you want to transport?

2) Do you want to have the bride and groom picked up separately by the same vehicle (the less expensive option) or do you want them picked up in different vehicles at the same time so they arrive together at the ceremony location.

3) Check the address of the locations for pick-up and drop-off.

5) What will be the approximate total time you need the limo?

6) What type and color of a vehicle would you like.

7) Many couples forget to eat lunch the day of the wedding and some limousine companies will provide a sandwiches and dessert trays for a small fee as a service for the wedding party.

Black Gold Limousine is one of the few Edmonton companies that offer this service so be sure to ask about it.

8) Do you have any special instructions or requirements.

For example you could ask the chauffer to please go the East side of the church so the bride can easily slip in the side door.

7 Considerations before asking for a a Limo Quote

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