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8 Reasons Why You Don't Need a Wedding Planner

1) You don't mind mistakingly spending too much money (or too little money) on an item or service.

2) Unreliable vendors don't make you crazy. (Black Gold Limousine service is very reliable so you never have to worry about them)

3) You don't mind miss important questions you should ask about the services you hire.

4) You love to worry and never want to delegate.

5) You think clearly in stressful situations where you are emotionally involved and never need anyone to help you make unbiased decisions.

6) You are confidence you won't miss an important detail

7) You have someone who will arrive early and coordinate all the last minute details.

8) You have someone who will stay after the wedding so your mother and father don't have to stay and coordinate clean up.

Bridesmaids waiting for the wedding planner and their limbered

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